Thank you everyone!

We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we get all the fine details ironed out for our online shopping cart. Selling firearms and related parts/accessories pose some unique challenges and we+you have to follow some very specific rules and guidelines. For more info, please visit the “how to” page off of our home page! We are also excited to have our new billet lower receivers from TNW Firearms of Vernonia, Oregon and we are starting full production of the Thunder Sabre 50 cal AR. This is an R&J Firearms exclusive! Contact us today an be one of the first people to own one of these quality and affordable 50 cal semi auto rifles! These particular pics are of the prototype rifles we built for R&D. Pics of the production rifles will follow in the next few days!IMG_0165


thunder sabre 3

thunder sabre 1

thunder sabre 2


50 al upper kit

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